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COMMENT: (June 26 2016) "The Chalk Garden". Wow - what an absolutely wonderful play. The writer prosed it beautifully and the cast (expertly chosen) brought the characters to life. Their lines, their moves, their demeanour, their expertise were all superb and striking. The director surely got the best out of them. I thank you most sincerely for bringing this play to the audience. There was so much intrigue and it culminated in a magificent climax. It was good to see Jan Moody on stage, albeit for a brief foray, and great to see she didn't fall over the furniture even though she expertly tripped around the room, nothing like seeing an old trouper back again.My condolences on the loss of Margaret Doumany, she was such a good representative for St Lukes, also she would have made a good job of the grandmother. But, having said that, the grandmother was played to perfection. (Kay Kibbey)

REPLY: Wonderful to get your comments Kay. We're all glad you loved the play, and we will mention this to all concerned. Thank you.

COMMENT: (March 14 2016) I went to the Saturday Matinee on the 12th with a friend to see "A Month of Sundays" and although we enjoyed the play, we were extremely upset and disappointed that we couldn't hear a couple of the actors. We asked the people in the control room to make it louder, but nothing was done. I hope that doesn't happen again as we usually enjoy the plays at St Lukes. (Enid Barrett)

REPLY: Thank you for your letter Enid and we are sorry you had trouble hearing everything. That can sometimes happen when there is a full house. Nevertheless it is up to the actors to project their voice in that situation.

COMMENT: (November 22, 2015)
Hi there,
Well, who would have thought that we would have seen "Jack Frost" there, live on stage, right in front of us. Didn't even know it was a Frost. Did know the answer after a little while probably more from memory or recall than decision.
Excellent choice of play for the last play of the 2015 season. Excellent choice of actor for the main role. Just loved the way he had a final bow and then marched off, just like Frost does. The actor must have watched many hours of the series to get it so perfect. Not to detract from the rest of the cast, they all did very well, and congratulations to the director.
Anticipating the same calibre of productions and presentation, as we have come to know, for the 2016 year. Any idea when we will know what's happening? Kindest regards (Kay Kibbey)

REPLY: The director (Cecile Campbell) expresses her grateful thanks for your kind comments. We are now putting the finishing touches to the 2016 programme.

COMMENT: (August 29 2015) Saw the "Murder Room" last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot ravels in a tight, confusing and hilarious way. Good job all. (James Elliott)

REPLY: Thanks James, Yes, we all had fun producing the play. Glad you did too.

COMMENT: (June 21 2015) Saw "Murder on the Nile" last night and was in awe with the high standard of the production. Every bit as good as professional theatre. Well done St Luke's. (Robert Watkins)

REPLY: Thanks for that Robert. Everyone worked as a team, resulting in many excellent comments from those in attendance.

COMMENT: (June 14 2015) Was at "Murder on the Nile" last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I found it rather noisy, but then again a good Agatha Christie is ideal for getting the blood flowing. Haha. Please pass on my congratulations to all cast and crew, and well done St Luke's. (Liz Brennan)

REPLY: Glad you liked it Liz, and we will pass on the comments to all concerned.

COMMENT: (Feb 16 2015) I disagree that the changes look good. The layouts and colours etc donít look very good. Perhaps you should find someone who knows about web programing. (John L)

REPLY: Thanks John. The person editing the website has had no training and is self taught. We don't have the money to pay a professional, and we are a volunteer group. Investigations show that problems are evident with the use of web browsers different from Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

COMMENT: (Jan 11 2015) The new look of the website is excellent. Keep up the good work. I think you should email the newsletter to those who have an email address. That might save your postage bill. (Caroline P)

REPLY: Thanks for that Caroline. Yes, we are working on emailing the newsletter, although those with internet access are already able to access the newsletter on our website (including back copies).

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