RENEWAL APPLICATION TO BE AN ACTOR-PERFORMER (Primarily for actors/performers who have previously been a financial member. PLEASE NOTE: Membership of the Theatre Society is different to Subscriptions.)
(Please note: There may be a problem with us receiving this if you are not using a Microsoft PC.)

It is necessary for all Actors with St Luke’s Theatre to have financial Society membership in order to be covered by our Insurance.
(You must be aged over 17 years to apply)

* Your Name:
* Phone Number:
* Mobile Number:
* Your Postal Address:
* PostCode:
* Your Email:
* Your Membership Choice: (Concession = Student, Pensioner, Un-employed)
(Note: Financial actor membership does not guarantee a role in a play)
* I intend to make my payment:-
(Note: Your details will not be actioned until payment has been received.)

What we expect of you.

To work as a team member.
Keep personal egos in check.
Help others if required.
If in a production, arrive promptly for all rehearsals and performances.

Following the final performance of a major play season...
  • Join working bee to assist dismantling of chairs, cushions and rear seating platforms.
  • Join in a small informal “party” of cast and crew. (Bring a plate)
  • After the final performance, return all script copies to the director.
  • On the day after the final performance, remove stage furniture and props to storage. Clean dressing rooms etc.
Please pay at the theatre or forward cheque or money order to:

David Lang
St. Luke's Theatre Society
25 High Street
Highgate Hill Q 4101

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