There comes a time in every organization when those at the helm realize the years are quickly whizzing by and those at Management level are becoming a bit “long in the tooth”, and new blood is required to keep the organization vibrant and relevant.

Nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than with a community theatre organization like ours.

St Luke’s could do with some younger people in the Management team, keen to make constructive suggestions on how we might move with the times.

If you are a younger team player willing to make your mark with your suggestions, please come along to a General Meeting and see how things work, and before you know it, you'll be ready to throw your hat in the ring.

A suggestion to all St Luke's performers --- Rather than just sitting back and waiting to be contacted for a part in a play, keep in touch with everyone so we will know you are still interested.

New people at St Luke's interested in helping behind the scenes, click here

Remember..... We are looking for people to assist with the following: Lighting and Audio control, Stage Manager, Set Construction, Costuming, Graphic Art, Programme Sellers, Ushers. Do you know anyone who would suit? Please contact Barry on 3398 9032 or email Barry.

If you think you might enjoy the challenge of being a Stage Manager for a production, please contact Peter on 3255 0221 or email Peter. This is a very demanding and important position, as you would be similar to an Assistant Director. The position requires the taking of copious notes, and implementing communication co-ordination between cast, crew, and Director.

A reminder to all performers that you are required to join the Society as a financial member, in order to appear on our stage. This is for Insurance reasons.

If your address or phone number has changed, please phone Peter on 3255 0221, so our database can be updated. Also, if you would like something posted on this Notice Board, please contact Peter or email Peter

A quote from 1940's screen goddess Rita Hayworth - "The fun of acting is to become someone else."