Some stage sets

"First Things First" (2017)

"The Chalk Garden" (2016)

"A Month of Sundays" (2016)

"Cat's Cradle" (2015)

"Murder on the Nile" (2015)

"Trap For A Lonely Man" (2014)

"Spiders Web" (2013)

"Wanted - One Body" (2013)

"Seasons's Greetings" (2012)

"Appointment With Death" (2012) Set 1 (The lobby, King Solomon Hotel)
This very clever AWARD WINNING rotating set was devised and decorated by the talented Una Hollingworth.

"Appointment With Death" (2012) Set 2 (The desert camp at Petra)

"The Heiress" (2012)

"My Friend Miss Flint" (2012)

"The Hollow" (2011) (Winner 1st prize "Best Set" in Association of Community Theatres Awards)

The award winning set for "A Murder Is Announced" (2010)

This magnificent set was designed and decorated by the very talented Una Hollingworth OAM. (Photo taken prior to completion)
"Lord Arthur Savile's Crime" (2009)

"Holiday Snap" (2007)

Constructing the set for "A Murder Is Announced"

Some of the team busy constructing a set.

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