We are looking for someone to assist in our sound department.
You would need to be computer literate, have quick reflexes, think quickly and be reliable.
Age is not a criterion.
You will be tutored in use of the computer audio program and invited to join an audio roster.
We produce four major plays, and two Greenroom productions each year.
If you are a “team player”, we’d love to have you join us.

Please phone Peter on 3255 0221, or email Peter.

We also require someone to operate our lighting panel for our productions.
If required to actually set up lighting operations, it would be advisable to be a qualified electrician, otherwise for basic lighting operations in the control-room, similar personal skills as described above would be required.
Additionally, we need men to assist with the assembly of the stage sets. (This is like working with a large Lego set)
Email to express your interest, or phone 3844 7257.

If you would like to make a positive and valued input to the operation of the theatre, you might consider being a props supervisor. Make the move today and contact Jan on 3848 4107.

Men who can make themselves available during the day, especially on Mondays, are required to assist with set construction. Please phone David on 3844 7257.