Auditions for our third play of 2024, ‘Pride and Prejudice‘, are now being invited.


Bennet Family

Mrs Bennett 40’s A woman of mean understanding, little information, and uncertain temper whose sole purpose in life is to marry off her daughters to wealthy men, and when unsuccessful, she consoles herself with visiting their neighbours and gossiping.

Mr Bennet 40s or 50s Mr. Bennet is a gentleman of few words. Oftentimes throughout the story, he portrays a lot of reluctance towards his wife, Mrs. Bennet. Other times, he genuinely shows that he cares for her.

Jane 22 Jane, who is not as intellectual as her younger sister, Elizabeth, is seen as a very beautiful, gentle and compassionate young woman who desires to see only the best in people. She and Elizabeth share a close kinship because their personalities are quite complementary and because Elizabeth is the most mature of all of Jane’s younger sisters.

Elizabeth 20 Elizabeth Bennet is a headstrong, witty, and intelligent woman for her age. Elizabeth’s strong-willed and intellectual personality is uncommon amongst women of that time and her tender age. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, though she is not rude. Despite that, her wit and intelligence bring her closer to her father, Mr. Bennet, and particularly to her sister, Jane, who represents a compliment to her personality.

Mary 18 Mary is the middle or 3rd oldest of the 5 sisters in the Bennet family. She has a plain personality (at times abrupt), but she also has yearning to be a very accomplished woman as far as piano playing, singing, and reading are concerned. She is sometimes rude and conceited.

Catherine 17 Catherine is the second youngest of the five sisters. While not as strong-willed as her sister, Lydia, the two sisters together tear the mother’s nerves into shreds.

Lydia 15 Lydia is strong-willed and frivolous, and often causes a scene. As the baby of the family, she is spoiled by her mother. However, she is the least dear to her father, who makes sarcastic remarks on hers and Kitty’s naive and silly personalities.

Mr Collins 25 A distant cousin to Mr Bennet and, as such, the heir to the estate. On paper he is a logical choice for marriage, but….

The Darcys

Mr Darcy 28 At first sight a proud and haughty individual. While he can be judgmental his most admirable qualities are shown in his actions, not his words.

Lady Catherine De Bourgh (1 scene) The aunt of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. She is the owner of Rosings Park, and is the arch-nemesis of Elizabeth Bennet. She has a strict sense of where everyone belongs in society, and is shocked when someone disagrees.

The friends

Mr Bingley 23 (3 scenes) Mr Darcy’s best friend. Moderately rich and charming, with manners that captivate everyone who meets him.

Miss Bingley 22 (2 scenes) Mr Bingley’s younger sister. She is vain, antagonistic and oftentimes snobbish. She disapproves of her brother’s admiration towards the compassionate Jane Bennet because of her connections. She also seems to hold a grudge of jealousy against Elizabeth Bennet throughout the story, due to Mr Darcy’s affection towards Elizabeth, when Caroline seeks to marry Darcy herself.

Mr Wickham 28ish (3 scenes) Wickham is a very charming man, an excellent conversationalist and possesses a gift for making friends. Unfortunately, he is also an immoral, extravagant liar who has no problem with using (or ruining) other people in order to accomplish his own ends.

The neighbours

Lady Lucas (2 scenes) A good kind of woman, not too clever to be a valuable neighbour to Mrs. Bennet and a valuable source of gossip.

Charlotte Lucas 27 Intelligent and sensible. She does not consider herself a romantic, marrying the first man who shows interest in her not because she loves him, but more as an arrangement to obtain financial stability. She makes the best of things.

Crew required

(These roles can be filled by an actor with a smaller role if needed)

Costumes Period costumes will be required. Early 19th century England.

Stage manager This role has been pre-selected.


Audition for the Bennet familySaturday 8th June 9am – 12pm
Audition for remaining partsSaturday 15th June 9am – 12pm
Possible call back and final castingSaturday 22nd June 9am – 12pm
Rehearsal period Sundays 3pm – 6pm Mondays 630pm – 930pm Wednesdays 630pm – 930pmMonday 1st July – Wednesday 21st August
Performances 1 hour call before curtainFriday 23rd August 730pm Saturday 24th August 2pm & 730pm Friday 30th August 730pm Saturday 31st August 2pm & 730pm Friday 6th September 730pm Saturday 7th September 2pm & 730pm  


If you would like to audition, please email your headshot and what roles you would like to audition for to

No need to prepare anything. You will be asked to read scenes from the play with other auditionees.